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2013 GMC Explorer Conversion Van Walkthrough – Stock # C1744

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Larry Oaks of Dave Arbogast Conversion Vans walks you through this spectacular 2013 GMC Explorer Conversion Van!

Travel in style in this 2013 Explorer! Includes luxurious amenities such as 26″ HDTV!! This Explorer features a powerful 5.3L Vortec V8 engine, Stabilitrak, and seating for seven passengers!

Stock # C1744

Included Features:

– Exterior: Pure Silver Metallic Paint w/ Wrap-Around Ground Effects, High-Top Raised Roof, Mesh Chrome Grill, LED Running Lights, Rear Backup Sensors and Camera

– Interior: Gray Color Decor with Premium Leather Seating

– Engine: 5.3L Vortec V8, RWD, Stabilitrak

– Body: GMC 1500 with Seating for 7 Passengers

– Doors: Rear Passenger Doors on Both Sides of Van

– Front Seating: Premium Leather w/ Power Recline, Power Lumbar, Heat

– Mid Seating: Premium Leather Captain Chairs

– Rear Seating: Power Sliding & Power Recline 3 Section Sofa / Bed

– Features: AM/FM Stereo w/ CD and USB Input, Steering Wheel Controls, Premium Speakers, Rear Sunroof, Rear Backup Camera / Rear View Mirror, Sunroof in Rear,

– Remote Start

– Rear Entertainment: 26″ TV, Blu-Ray/DVD, Premium Surround Sound System, Wireless Headphones, LED Accent lighting, Rear Climate Control, USB Charging

– Wheels: 20″ Premium Chrome Wheels

At Dave Arbogast RV Depot, we take pride in delivering a level of customer service which can’t be rivaled by competitors!

If you have any questions, feel free to call 1-888-436-3216 and talk to one of our van specialists!

2013 Southern Comfort Conversion Van Walkthrough – Stock # C2095

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Camping Games for the Family

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Camping in a conversion van is the perfect family-friendly vacation for those who are traveling on a budget and would like to get away from the stress of everyday city-living. At first thought, children may feel uncertain about camping if it means that they will have to be away from the technology that they use in everyday life. It is important to assure your children that there are still many different ways to have fun together without gaming devices, televisions and electricity. Camping is a great way to spend some quality time together without any distractions. These family camping games give you some great ideas of just how to have fun while out in the wilderness.

I Spy
The classic game of I Spy has been a family favorite for ages. Children and parents will use their thinking and looking skills to determine just what the other one has “spied”. One family member will start off the game by saying, “I spy with my little eye, something..” and then choose the color of the thing that they are thinking of. This object must be something that is clearly visible to all players. For example, if you’re thinking of the sky you may say, “I spy with my little eye, something blue”. Players will then take turns guessing what you are thinking of until one is correct. The player who guesses correctly will then have their turn to spy something. This game is a great way to pass time while taking in all of the things that are around you.

Scavenger Hunt
Plan a scavenger hunt around your campsite. Create a list that each member of the family will receive. Each person can have the same list or a list with different objects on it. These should be things that are commonly found while out camping such as different sizes or colors of rocks, types of leaves, sticks, creatures and more. Set a time limit for the scavenger hunt and send everyone out to start looking for their objects. Small children should always stay with adult so that they do not get lost. The first person who collects all of their scavenger hunt items is the winner. This camping game provides lots of fun while looking around to see what everyone was able to gather up.

Hide and Seek
A game of hide and seek is always fun for the whole family. When playing it in the wilderness, be sure to set boundaries so that children do not wander too far away from camp. Select the first person who will be the counter and have them cover their eyes while the rest of the group goes to find hiding spots. This may be behind a tree, inside a log or in the tent. Let your imagination run wild while trying to find a hiding spot that they are sure not to find. Take turns counting and hiding and see what kind of silly spots you find your family hiding in.

Entertainment Options For A Conversion Van

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There are many great entertainment options for your conversion van that can keep you, your family and your friends that are riding in your conversion van entertained on a long road trip or on a simple trip down the road.

Our experts are going to share some of the best entertainment options for conversion vans!

DVD Players With Multiple Screens

One of the best entertainment options for conversion vans of all makes and models are DVD players with multiple screens. All you have to do is pop in a DVD and everyone in the van can be entertained watching a great movie. With multiple screens in the conversion van, everyone from the front passenger to those in the very back have a front row seat to the movie and can enjoy it while on the entire ride.

Having a surround sound speaker system in your conversion van is an excellent way to enhance the experience of watching a movie in your conversion van. However, headphones for each person or a normal sound system work great too.

Video Games For The Passengers

Video games are an excellent option for entertaining your passengers in your conversion van. With the right equipment, you can easily hook up your Playstation or your XBox and your passengers can play video games throughout the entire trip. This is can excellent way to keep the kids entertained while on a long road trip and when they’re playing video games they won’t even notice the time that has passed on the road.

Everyone can join in the fun with multiple screens and your passengers can play four player games or even hook up to the internet in certain locations.

Internet Access With A Wi-Fi Connection

Having internet access in your conversion van opens up a wide variety of methods for entertaining your passengers for a long period of time such as on a road trip. Hooking up Wi-Fi lets them search the internet, connect their video game consoles to the internet for playing online, watch movies online, watch sports online, do research for their homework or an upcoming test and much more. The possibilities with a Wi-Fi connection in your conversion van are truly limitless and you can give your passengers the best entertainment options with a Wi-Fi connection.

There are many great ways to entertain your passengers while in a conversion van. DVD players with multiple screens, gaming systems that they can play while on a long road trip and Wi-Fi internet access are some of the best entertainment options for any conversion van!

Get Ready for Tailgating!

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Tailgating can be a rewarding experience for many sports enthusiasts and their families. While tailgating can be a lot of fun, it can be difficult to prepare for an outdoor sports event or a tailgating session. The following guide provides simple tips and tricks on how to tailgate in a conversion van.

When looking to tailgate, it’s important to make sure that one has access to the right supplies. This includes a portable grill, radio, television, food, drinks and games. In addition, it’s a good idea to have a variety of seating options available for friends and family members.

Some types of vehicles, like conversion vans, may have a built-in generator for powering appliances and other electronic devices. However, most vehicles don’t have a separate generator for powering electronics. While the alternator in a vehicle can be used as a temporary source of electricity, it’s not a good idea to leave a vehicle engine running for several hours at a time.

Fortunately, there are many portable generators that can be used when one is tailgating. When choosing a portable generator, it’s a good idea to find one that will provide at least 50 percent more power than one thinks that he or she will need. In many cases, appliances will require a surge of electricity when they are first turned on. If a generator is operating at full capacity, it may not be able to provide this peak power necessary to turn on an appliance or other electronic product.

In addition, it’s a good idea to choose a portable electric generator that is as quiet as possible. While a loud generator may not be a problem in a work environment or in a rural area, a loud generator can quickly become a headache for many individuals, their families and other people tailgating nearby. In some cases, using a generator that creates excessive amounts of noise may result in an individual being ticketed for noise pollution. To avoid these types of issues, it’s a good idea to choose a generator that is as quiet as possible. In many cases, it’s possible to buy a generator that has a muffler on the exhaust. This can be a great way to cut down on noise pollution.

It’s also a good idea to invest in a canopy to protect oneself and one’s family from rain. In addition, a canopy can be a great way to get out of the heat of the sun. Since some tailgating events can last for several hours, it’s a good idea to have access to a shaded area.

In addition, it’s a good idea to bring games to play while tailgating. For example, games like lawn darts, horse shoes, beer pong and other social games can be a great source of entertainment for tailgating events. With these types of games, it’s possible to become the life of a tailgating event. However, it’s important to remember that one should not drink and drive at any time.

Locating a Quality Chevy Conversion Van Isn’t Hard…

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If you are looking for any type of conversion van, whether new or used, you will definitely be able to count on Dave Arbogast located in Troy, Ohio. They have so many different vans that you can choose from. They have a wide selection of both used and new vans. You can always log on to their website, if you would like to browse through all of your available options of vans that they have currently. When you go on their website, you will be able to browse according to the make, model, year, price, and even style of the van. Even if you are looking for a class B motorhome, you will be able to find a huge selection of those as well for sale right on their website.

If you have a van that you would like to sell to them, you can find out more information about how that works by logging on to their website. For such a large inventory of vans, they have some of the best lowest prices that you won’t be able to find anywhere else. Even if you do not live right in the Troy area, or nearly close, they will still be able to deliver the van of your choice right to your home. If you live a thousand miles away, you can still count on them to bring your custom van to your home. It cannot get any better than that. They deliver to any home in the United States. They can also pick you up from any airport if you need them to.

Conversion vans for sale like the ones from this dealership, cannot be found anywhere else. You can always count on sending them a simple email, or even calling them so that they can help you out. You also have the opportunity to fill out a contact form online and wait for someone to get back with you. Anything is possible with their seelction of conversion vans for sale. They also sell cars and trucks if you are interested, but they are well known for the many vans in stock. There is no need to look any further once you come across Arbogast, because they will definitely take care of you. If you need help financing yourself, you can fill out the application online as well just to get one step ahead to finding the best van.

Conversion Vans: Have You Heard Yet?

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Conversion VanBy now, everyone has either seen or heard about this incredible vehicle called the conversion van! If you don’t have one for yourself yet though, you are truly missing out! Conversion Vans are not a new product to the vehicle market, in fact, they have been around for years. The difference is, with the new age and advancements in technology, we are able to better inform drivers of their superior advantages over other modes of transportation!

Conversion vans that you may have seen in the past have truthfully been fairly unattractive compared to other vans and large SUVs. Recently, manufacturers of conversion vans have really stepped up their games! They have made major improvements on every aspect and feature of their vans.

These vans offer sleek exterior styling with ground effects, chrome rims, premium paint schemes and other upgrades. Step inside and into a world of luxury and comfort that you won’t believe is a van! Full comfort captains chairs, a power rear sofa, wood accents, indirect LED overhead lighting, window shades, a large LCD TV with DVD player and various other auxiliary inputs, just to name a few features!

Not only is a conversion van the best you can offer your passengers, but it rates just as high for the driver! You have plush leather captain’s chairs for driver and front passenger, wood dash, fully accessible controls, navigation, rear climate controls, and back up camera to start. Not to mention the vans average the same fuel economy as a large SUV and you get all of the added amenities!

With features like this, it is a wonder why you have not test driven a conversion van! No other passenger vehicle on the market can offer you all of the features and options that a conversion van can. It’s no wonder why so many drivers are trading in their SUVs and cars and making the switch!

Want to learn and see more? No problem! Visit our website at to see all that the conversion van world has to offer you and your family. If you prefer a more hands on approach, stop by Arbogast Van Depot in Troy, Ohio to see for yourself! If you have any questions or would like to discuss a van, one of our expert van team members would love to speak with you! Give us a call toll free at 1-888-436-3216 today!


Southern Comfort Conversion Vans

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If you aren’t already familiar with South Comfort Conversion Vans you should be.


These vans are both high in quality and luxurious. You can customize your van to meet your exact need with a number of available options. You can add everything from an LCD TV to a surround sound system to gorgeous luxury seating or even a sunroof.

If you’re not looking to “soup up” your Southern Comfort Conversion van it’s no problem either. These vans are great to buy as is. And believe it or not, most already boast a ton of great standard features.

Many Southern Comfort Conversions come packed with features ranging from state-of-the-art technology to something as simple as specially designed cup holders.


Perhaps one unique trait Southern Comfort Conversions share with other van brands is they’re the perfect way to pamper yourself when out on the open road. These conversion vans also handle very well.


When it comes to finding a quality new conversion van which can deliver the ultimate mobile experience, look no further than Southern Comfort Conversions.


Did you know Dave Arbogast Vans carries a wide selection of new and used Southern Comfort Conversions? Also, finding the perfect model is easy. Simply give us a call today at 1-888-436-3216 or visit our state-of-the-art website by visiting Dave Arbogast Vans.

The Flintstones in a Chevy Conversion Van

Dreams are funny things. INVENTORY2
I have had dreams about things that I haven’t thought about in years—ex-wives, former co-workers, old cars—I even dreamed once that I was a star in the National Basketball Association, with my zero vertical jump and my 9.0 time in the 40. Talk about fantasy!
The dream I had the other night left me shaking my head, but also got me to thinking. It was about that long ago animated sitcom, the Flintstones. Now I haven’t seen the Flintstones on TV since the early 70s, but in the dream there I was, right alongside Fred, Barney, Wilma, Betty and Bamm-Bamm. I have no idea where Pebbles was—must have been her nap time!
Anyway, here was my thought—what would the Flintstones have thought about the Chevy conversion van? They would have been loyal customers at Dave Arbogast Conversion Van Depot, that’s for sure. Fred would have loved the customer service, the way Arbogast makes customers feel like family.
Wilma would have liked the amazing selection of Chevy Conversion vans, new and used. If you remember, Wilma liked to spend Fred’s money, and she could do that at Dave Arbogast. The vans are priced to sell, and because of the large inventory, the Flintstones would have found the perfect van for a price that would fit into their stone-age budget.
New and Used Chevy Conversion vans have great safety features like dual air bags and child Safety locks (to make sure Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm stay where they are supposed to be!) Other features include remote start, 24 hour road assistance, a full sized spare tire and cruise control. It’s safe to say that the Flintstones had never heard of any of those features.
Moving from Fantasy to reality, it’s easy to get started on your conversion van adventure.  Call 1-888-436-3216 and talk to one of our van experts today. The whole process can be handled over the phone and by email if you prefer, and Dave Arbogast can deliver your van to your driveway. Don’t be stuck in the Stone Age any longer—call Dave Arbogast Conversion Van Depot today.

Finding the Value of Used Conversion Vans

As the largest used conversion van dealers in the country, Dave Arbogast is always looking for preowned conversion vans. If you’re looking to see your used van conversion call one of experts asap. Finding the correct value of your van is very difficult. WeBuyUsedVans1

Kelley Blue Book, Blackbook and NADA do not account for the very expensive conversion that was added to your van. Often this leads to consumers getting taken advantage of by their local dealer. Many times the dealer has no idea what to give you for your van conversion so they throw out a low number. 

The experts at Arbogast know what your van is worth. They have been dealing with used van conversions for over 25 years. They travel all over the United States purchasing quality used vans. Arbogast doesn’t hassle you on price, they give you a fair number upfront. If you are looking for a no hassle way to see your used van conversion contact Arbogast.

For more information or to fill out a trade appraisal  form visit

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