Football and Roadtrek this Fall

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I have two bold predictions.

First, there will be a National Football League season, and it will start on time. While nothing now would indicate that to be the case, all the name calling and bluster going on is just meaningless drivel.

See, NFL players get paid during the 17 weeks of the season, so it’s easy to sit at home now, because they aren’t getting paid anyway, lockout or no lockout. When push comes to shove in mid to late August, and the prospect of the players missing game checks becomes more real, negotiations will pick up. When your paycheck is 6 figures every week, you start missing that quickly. I promise you, the players’ stance will change in a hurry when we get to that point. There is just too much money at stake. And once you lose it, you can never get it back.

Here is the second prediction—and this is really out on the limb. The Cleveland Browns (yes, those Cleveland Browns) will make the playoffs. How sure am I? I’m buying a Roadtrek to follow the team around the country.

Yep, from the opener against the Bengals to the finale against the Steelers on New Year’s Day, I’ll be there, in blistering heat and freezing wind, rooting my favorite team to the postseason for just the second time since 1999. And I will travel in style in the best selling Class B camper van in North America, the Roadtrek.

This class B motorhome is the perfect vehicle for such an endeavor. It handles easily even in heavy traffic, and parking is easy because of its smaller size. A Roadtrek gets better fuel efficiency than a full sized SUV, and every time I head out for a game, I can take all the comforts of home with me.

I will never be away from home without my own kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and entertainment area. No more hotels, restaurants, or long lines for the restroom. It can be a great tailgate vehicle, and when I am home, it’s perfect for running around town to the store or the kids games. It’s simply hard to find fault with a Roadtrek.

Maybe the best part is I won’t have to conduct an endless search to find the perfect vehicle. Dave Arbogast in Troy, Ohio has one of the largest inventories anywhere, and they are all available on line. Click here to view inventory. After finding the right vehicle for me, it’s just a matter of calling one of the van experts at 1-888-436-3216. This is one prediction I am sure of—you will find the right van at the right price at Dave Arbogast!

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