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The growth of the vehicle conversion industry really began with the rise in popularity of the custom van. These appealing custom vans featured painted exteriors and stylish interiors. The early custom vans resembled luxurious condominiums instead of automobiles. In the modern age, more and more car owners are choosing to use the same trends in other types of cars. Today, the Southern Comfort conversion truck is the newest entry to the custom scene.

Today’s conversion trucks are modified stock factory trucks. These trucks feature modifications to both the interior and exterior. Conversion trucks generally place into class eight or business class categories. Some manufacturers do not offer the most popular custom features. Instead, a buyer must seek out a company to add aftermarket modifications. Once the modification work is complete, the truck becomes a conversion truck.The market for conversion options offers plenty of different options for different tastes. For example, modifications for the exterior and under the hood include special ground effects, upgraded engines, door additions and longer beds. You can also choose storage compartments for your hauler bed. You even have the option of making your truck ride taller or lower. Some highlights include strobe lights, lighted handles, snow plows, and towing packages. The exterior look of your truck can feature custom trim and paint in an endless array of styles. In the end, your new truck’s exterior look will only barely retain its original look from the manufacturer.

On the inside, truck custom options are just as extensive. Most options offer you more luxury and enjoyment. You can select from a number of possibilities, including fold-out beds and captain chairs. If you have children, they will appreciate and enjoy a full entertainment system with a DVD player. For the interior look, you can choose attractive upholstery options and matching decorations, including leather seating, custom trim, and specialized flooring. Custom modifications change your truck from a work vehicle to a stylish and comfortable ride.

Today, companies called upfitters work to provide you with a range of modifications for your truck. These companies can provide many accessories and modifications that most truck manufacturers do not offer. A conversion truck truly reflects its owner’s tastes and preferences. These trucks can perfectly suit and match your vehicle needs and offer you extra luxury.

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