Arbogast Buys Used Class B Vans

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Dave Arbogast Van Depot is currently looking for 1999-2010 Class B Camper Vans.  Arbogast will purchase vans from all manufactures and conversion companies.  No matter where you live, Arbogast will pay premium money for your Class B Van and pick it up.

Don’t hassle with trying to sell it yourself, let us do all the work.  Do you really want strangers calling the house, trying to hassle you on price, wasting your valuable time?  Get premium money without stressing yourself out, call Dave Arbogast Van Depot!

If you are interested in selling or trading-in your Class B Van, visit our trade-In appraisal page. On this page you be able to accurately describe your van and submit it to one of our conversion van experts. We have appraisers on staff during all open hours and will make the process as quick and pain free as possible.

Dave Arbogast buys Class B Camper Vans from all manufacturers.  If you are trying to sell your camper van, wouldn’t make sense to sell it to the largest van dealers in the country?

If you have any question or would like to sell us your van please call 1-888-436-3216!

Used Class B Vans

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If you are considering buying a used RV, why not get a Used Class B? Dave Arbogast Van Depot has a large selection of both New Class B Vans and Used Class B Vans.  Roadtrek vans are the best selling Class B Vans in the United States and are extremely durable!

Roadtrek Camper Vans  are superior in terms of stability as they has a lower center of gravity than most. For better weight distribution, the water tanks are located close to the axles. With a much longer wheelbase a Roadtrek provides unsurpassed highway stability. It also has excellent suspension, steering and braking capabilities of the chassis.

A Roadtrek Camper Van is small and easy to park.  Chevy based Roadtreks don’t even look like motorhomes so you can avoid RV parking restrictions and park at regular spaces.

Thanks to its aerodynamic shape and lower overall size and weight, Roadtreks are not fuel guzzlers. The lowered floor on Chevy models allows a low, sweeping roof. The heat pump (air conditioner & heater) is built into the rear, with only the flush-mounted grills visible from the rear. The refrigerator vent is disguised and integrated into a black louvered grill in the galley window while the fresh water fill is securely located inside a passenger side or rear door.

Other features that are standard in Roadtreks, may not be found in other RVs. Some include the built-in sewage hose system on the 170 and 190; macerator sewage pump on the 210 and RS; cloverleaf dining table; temporarily enclosed bathroom/privacy area; stand-up aisle shower; lowered floor; built-in heat pump; exterior storage compartments below the floor; under-floor tanks; dual layer foam beds and more.

Considering all these additional features, you may consider to purchase a used Roadtrek Camper Vans  as your first camper van that is ideal for your domestic vacation.

Call 1-888-436-3216 to speak to a Used Class B expert or visit Dave Arbogast Van Depot.

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